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Author discusses Aborigines and 'dreaming'

  • Photo courtesy of Mario Amaya-Velazquez<br> James Cowan presents a lecture in Sarah King�s LIB 100 class on March 26.

Posted on March 27, 2013

Author and lecturer James Cowan spoke about the “dreaming life” during several campus and classroom presentations sponsored by the Padnos International Center.

Cowan discussed the dreaming life of Australian Aborigines March 25 in the Kirkhof Center. He refers to the dreaming as stories and lore of Aborigines;  Cowan said they are facing a crisis to preserve dreaming because of industrialization.

“I am of the opinion that we will regret desacralizing the land,” Cowan said. “Once the story is gone from the landscape, we cannot get it back through relandscaping after mining. The aborigines have a lot to teach us about history through landscape. It is not frozen in time, it is living and we can apply it to our lives.”

Cowan’s latest book is "Fleeing Herod: A Journey Through Coptic Egypt with the Holy Family."

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