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New intercultural certificate supports diversity

Posted on August 30, 2010

A new educational option provides Grand Valley State University students an additional credential often sought by employers. 

The Intercultural Competence & Experience certificate (ICE) provides students with unique credentials to enhance their career opportunities, as well as reinforces Grand Valley’s commitment to inclusion and a supportive environment of diversity. The curriculum includes three specific intercultural courses and elective options from across all disciplines. 

Students may fulfill the experiential component though placements in diverse local internships or practicum settings, or through a long-term study abroad experience in a more distant cultural setting. Units and Colleges are submitting experientially based intercultural courses from their own curricula, to serve as additional options for students in the certificate program.

“ICE gives students the opportunity to take what they have learned about intercultural competence from an academic perspective and apply it to real world problems by interacting with those of different genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities and religions,” said Regina McClinton, Intercultural Competence and Experience director. “By offering a certificate focused on competence skills stemming from a knowledge base, Grand Valley will be a leader in the area of diversity curriculum initiatives in the U.S.”

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