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GVSU springs into dance

Posted on March 24, 2010

Students from the Grand Valley State University Dance Ensemble will give two performances, both open to the public with free admission.

The performances are set for April 2 and 3, at 8 p.m., in the Dance Studio Theatre, 1600 Performing Arts Center, on the Allendale Campus.

An eclectic mix of nine energetic performances will feature students dancing pieces set by three national choreographers. The Doug Varone Dance Company in New York City, Whitley Setrakian-Hill from Nashville, and Andrew Carroll from the dance faculty at University of Akron, Ohio, came for one-week residencies to work with students. Additional pieces were set by Grand Valley dance faculty.

Assistant Professor Shawn T Bible, who organized the concert, said the dances range from a small group pointe ballet piece set to "countryish" music, to an intense nine-minute piece involving the entire 34-member ensemble dancing to Mozart's Requiem.

"Most of the concert will feature modern dance, which in itself encompasses many styles of dance and music," said Bible. "One piece involves a bench prop with fluid and athletic dance set to operatic music. Another piece involves dancers in an office environment dancing to folk music. It really is a very eclectic concert."

For more information contact Shawn T Bible in the Department of Music at (616) 331-3487, or


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