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Faculty and Staff Sketches

Posted on July 06, 2010

Faculty and staff members who have given presentations or had articles published are listed below.

Sue Jarchow
, affiliate professor of nursing, gave a presentation, “Private Suffering Versus Public Symptoms: Illness Narratives from a Sample of HIV-Infected African American Men,” at the Sixth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

Linda Scott, associate dean for nursing graduate programs and professor of nursing, wrote an article, “Implementing a Fatigue Countermeasures Program for Nurses: A Focus Group Analysis,” published in a research edition of the Journal of Nursing Administration.

Joy Washburn, assistant professor of nursing, gave presentations, “Shaping Graduate Nurses Through Transition to Practice Programs,” at the Michigan Center for Nursing in Dearborn, and “Career Planning and the Transition to Professional Nursing Practice Experience for Graduate Nurses,” at the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing’s Leadership Summit.

Dan Balfour, professor of public, nonprofit, and health administration, gave a presentation, “‘Putting Cruelty First’: The Value of Public Vices in Praetorian Times,” at the Leiden International Public Values Workshop, University of Leiden, Netherlands.

Charles Pazdernik, associate professor of Classics, participated in the second consortium conference of the Teagle Assessment Project in New York City. The project, “A Longitudinal Study of Critical Thinking and Postformal Reasoning: Assessing Undergraduate Outcomes Within Disciplinary Contexts,” is funded by a grant from the Teagle Foundation and is examining the development of undergraduate student outcomes.

Gary D. Stark, professor of history, gave a presentation, “Press and Theater Censorship in 19th Century Germany,” at the Conference on 19th Century Censorship in Milan, Italy.

Steven Lipnicki, assistant dean of students, participated in a panel, “The Power of Love, Forgiveness, and Understanding: Healing the Wounds of the Vietnam Era,” held at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre.

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