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One-hour graphic design exhibit on Thursday

Posted on December 07, 2010

An experimental project by graphic design senior students in Grand Valley’s Department of Art & Design will provide a bit of whimsy as the semester wraps up. But hurry to see it because the temporary exhibit will only last one hour.

The work includes typographic messages involving performances only visible through the university’s webcams ( that will be on view only on Thursday, December 9, from 9:30-10:30 am. The Laker Mobile phone application on android and iphone/ipod/ipad devices will also allow viewer access.

“The students are encouraged to make typographic messages that communicate whimsical messages, keeping in mind the space the work is located in and the public that views it,” said Chitra Gopalakrishnan, assistant professor of Art & Design, who gave the assignment to her Graphic Design V students. “One group plans to walk through the site of several cameras on the Allendale Campus, see if you can catch them through all!.”

The assignment required that materials of the work be non-invasive to the surroundings and the piece to last only for one hour. Gopalakrishnan said that many of the students are graduating seniors and plan messages of joy with typographic installations utilizing everything from lights and pavement, to snow.

“We are hoping the campus community and elsewhere will log on and watch the site to ‘see something’ during that one hour,” she said.

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