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Dual degree program signed with UBB

  • At the signing of a dual degree program with UBB in Chile are, from left, Marcia Haas, President Thomas J. Haas, Hector Guilermo Gaete Feres, Elizabeth Grandon Toledo, Mark Schaub, Bridget Farr and Paul Farr.

Posted on March 18, 2014

Officials from Grand Valley and the Universidad del Bió-Bió in Chile signed an agreement that gives liberal studies majors at each institution an opportunity to earn a dual degree.

President Thomas J. Haas and Rector Hector Guilermo Gaete Feres signed the agreement last week in Chile. UBB has an enrollment of about 11,000.

Mark Schaub, chief international officer, said the agreement will begin in the fall 2014 semester. The agreement calls for a maximum of six students to participate in the exchange annually.

This is the second undergraduate dual degree program with an international partner; international studies participates in STAIR (Studies in Trans-Atlantic International Relations) with institutions in Hungary and Poland.

See coverage of the news on UBB's website, here.

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