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Grandparents, grandkids share college experience

Posted on June 26, 2014

A three-day summer camp for grandparents and their grandchildren wrapped up Thursday afternoon following several full days of activities and fun. 

The G3 camp provided a chance for children ages 8-12 to share a college experience with their grandparents at the university. Participants spent three days and two nights on Grand Valley’s Allendale Campus, sleeping in the living center apartments and eating in the dining halls along with college students and others on campus. 

Campers took part in activities including art, history, science, mathematics, engineering, technology and law enforcement, among others. Class sessions were taught by Grand Valley faculty and held during the day in the campus academic buildings. Participants also conducted experiments aboard the W.G. Jackson Research Vessel in Muskegon.

Other activities were available including swimming, biking, volleyball, and scaling the wall at the climbing center.

The camp will be sponsored by United Bank when it takes place in 2015. 

G3 is sponsored by the Regional Math and Science Center and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 

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