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Retired leaders offer 'lessons'

  • From left are Glenn Niemeyer, Ron VanSteeland and Arend D. Lubbers.

Posted on March 16, 2011

Three of the masterminds behind the development and growth of Grand Valley each shared personal reflections on their lifelong dedication to learning, while challenging audience members to think how they can make learning an enduring legacy.

Arend D. Lubbers, president emeritus; Glenn Niemeyer, provost and vice president of academic affairs emeritus; and Ron VanSteeland, vice president for finance and administration emeritus, spoke to students and others during "Lessons From a Lifelong Learner" on March 15 in the Cook-DeWitt Center.

Niemeyer shared his 10 maxims, adding his humor by including an 11th so those "who missed one could say they have all 10." He defined the characteristics that he believes guide lifelong learning such as treating all others with respect and doing what is right. He reminded participants "your best is never too good."

VanSteeland's message focused on the importance of humor and laughter in our lives. He shared how humor is present in education and pertinent to help get through challenging times.

Lubbers took a more serious tone and discussed the importance of accessing what is most significant in our lives to forward our individual growth, and how often "individuality is intertwined to others."

The event was inspired by Randy Pausch's "Last Lecture" at Carnegie Mellon University. It was organized and sponsored by Housing and Residence Life.

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