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Students can SPARKLE at Fieldhouse

  • Nursing student Morgan Pendowski rides the SPARKLE bike at the Fieldhouse.

Posted on September 23, 2010

Students, faculty and staff members can now spin their own useable, electric energy by using the SPARKLE bike at the Fieldhouse.

SPARKLE (Spinning Physical and Renewable Kinetic Living Energy) is a project spearheaded by John Kilbourne, professor of movement science. The Department of Movement Science worked with the Kennedy School of Engineering to install the trek bike, motor and battery pack.

Kilbourne said the project uses human motion on an exercise bike to enhance health and fitness while producing usable electric energy. “Students can charge things like their cell phones, computers or iPods while they exercise,” said Kilbourne. “The goal is to educate young people on the importance of fitness, health and renewable energy.


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