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Snyder speaks on campus at Grand Valley Metro Council event

  • Governor Snyder shakes hands with President Haas.
  • Gov. Snyder addresses the crowd.
  • President Haas

Posted on June 06, 2014

Gov. Rick Snyder recognized Grand Valley’s impact on the economic development of the region during a visit to the Seidman Center June 6. Snyder visited the campus to speak to West Michigan business leaders at an event hosted by the Grand Valley Metro Council. 

Snyder was introduced by President Thomas J. Haas, who told the meeting attendees about Grand Valley’s impact on the local and regional economy and how Grand Valley’s more than 100,000 graduates are contributing to a ‘brain gain’ in the state of Michigan. 

The governor smiled when he said that he hoped he was counted among Grand Valley alumni thanks to the honorary degree he was awarded by the university in 2013. He also said he was impressed by the Seidman Center.

Snyder stressed the importance of public and private partnerships throughout the state and in West Michigan, and discussed efforts by the state to simplify and organize government operations. He also emphasized the need to attract and retain top talent for Michigan’s economy to continue to improve.

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