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First endowed criminal justice scholarship

Posted on May 01, 2012

Faculty in the School of Criminal Justice initiated a project to develop an introductory textbook for CJ 101, Justice and Society class. The book would be cost effective for students, introduce them to faculty in the respective chapters and establish a scholarship for future SCJ students.

Faculty agreed that all proceeds, after the cost of printing, would go toward the establishment of the scholarship fund. In the fall of 2011, the book was used in several CJ 101 classes and faculty members were recently notified that the proceeds were enough to endow a scholarship. 

“We are extremely proud of this collaborative effort within the School of Criminal Justice,” said Terry Fisk, director of the School of Criminal Justice. “These authors put in a lot of time and effort to write their respective chapters and our attainment of the scholarship goal is a celebration of their efforts and their dedication to our students here at Grand Valley.”

Fisk said a second edition of the book will be introduced this fall.

Faculty involved in the project are:
Kathleen Bailey, professor
Agnes Baro, former faculty
William Crawley, associate dean of the College of Community and Public Service
Carly Hinlinski-Rosick, assistant professor
Frank Hughes, professor
Brian Johnson, professor
Christopher Kierkus, associate professor
Kristine Mullendore, professor
Jeff Steffel, former faculty
Christine Yalda, associate professor

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