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GVSU announces totals for record-setting campaign

  • Enrichment Dinner
  • Shaping Our Future honorary co-chair Rich DeVos
  • Vice President for Development Maribeth Wardrop
  • President Thomas J. Haas greets a student and Dean Emeritus Don Williams Sr.
  • Enrichment Dinner
  • Enrichment Dinner
  • Enrichment Dinner
  • Enrichment Dinner
  • Enrichment Dinner
  • Enrichment Dinner
  • Enrichment Dinner
  • Enrichment Dinner
  • Enrichment Dinner

Posted on June 08, 2011

Grand Valley fittingly concluded its golden anniversary year June 8 with an announcement that will provide the university with momentum well into the next 50 years.

University and community leaders said Shaping Our Future, Grand Valley's first comprehensive campaign, greatly surpassed original goals and raised $95.3 million to date. A record number of donors, 17,000, contributed to the campaign.

Shaping Our Future was launched in 2007 and officially concludes June 30, 2011. Gifts to the comprehensive campaign have helped fund the Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons, the L. William Seidman Center and other capital projects, academic programs, centers and endowed chairs; and more than 90 new private scholarships. The original goal was $50 million, then stretched to $75 million.

The announcement was made at the annual Enrichment Dinner, hosted by the Grand Valley University Foundation and held at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids.

President Thomas J. Haas said, "The generous support for Grand Valley will positively impact many areas of the university, and have a broad economic impact for West Michigan.

"Shaping Our Future touches so many areas of Grand Valley but most importantly more students will be able to reach their full potential. We will be able to attract a broader range of students to West Michigan and as graduates they will be our future leaders in their communities and vocations."

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Click here to watch a short video of the announcement.



* President Haas said the campaign was so successful they decided to stretch the goal (audio).

* President Haas said he is overwhelmed by a record number of donors to the campaign (audio).

* President Haas said the success of the campaign speaks to the vision of GVSU founder Bill Seidman (audio).

* President Haas said the campaign is all about the students (audio).

* Jim Brooks, campaign co-chair, said this level of support will provide scholarships and world-class programs (audio).

* Brooks said the Enrichment Dinner celebrates those who support Grand Valley and the vision of Bill Seidman (audio).

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