Nursing students research historical figures

A student discusses his poster presentation.
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A student discusses his poster presentation.
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Students from the Kirkhof College of Nursing delved into the past during two days of poster presentations.

Joy Washburn, associate professor of nursing, had students in her Professional Nursing classes complete presentations on a notable nurse, historical or contemporary. Presentations were given April 17-18 in the Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences.

“You can’t learn where you’re going until you learn where you’ve been,” Washburn said.

Christine Frey, who is ending her first semester as a nursing student, said it was interesting to learn about Russell Tranbarger, a role model for men who chose nursing as a career. “He put systems in place for clinical rotations,” Frey said.

Elizabeth Carlson’s presentation was about Susie Walkingbear Yellowtail. “She was an advocate for Native Americans and made their health care conditions so much better,” Carlson said.