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Student attends inauguration, ball

  • Khaleb Straight is pictured at President Obama's inauguration.
  • Straight's view of the platform at inauguration.
  • Straight, far left, and friends at the Staff Ball.

Posted on January 24, 2013

Grand Valley junior Khaleb Straight, who worked for the Obama campaign, recently returned from attending President Obama's inauguration and an evening ball.

Straight was a volunteer for Obama’s 2008 campaign and decided to join the 2012 campaign to work as a field organizer. From August until Election Day, he was responsible for 31 precincts and organized four neighborhood teams.

“My favorite thing was canvassing,” said Straight. “Having face-to-face conversations with folks who were truly undecided is something special. A lot of these conversations were about listening rather than throwing around facts.”

At the January 21 inauguration, he stood with other campaign workers in a ticketed area close to the Capitol Building.

“The energy and excitement from being around everyone who worked so hard to get President Obama reelected was amazing,” said Straight. “Even though there were less people this time than for President Obama’s first swearing-in, there were still almost a million people there.”

Straight attended the Staff Inaugural Ball, where Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett performed together. He also was invited to a self-guided tour of the White House and shook hands and spoke with the president and Michelle Obama.

Straight is majoring in political science, as well as secondary education and group social sciences. After graduation, he plans to teach or work in politics.

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