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Student discusses Asian representation in media

  • Chrisine Vo

Posted on February 13, 2013

Christine Vo, vice president of the Multicultural Greek Council at Grand Valley, said she is concerned about the way Asians are portrayed in film, television and advertising.

Vo, a junior majoring in sociology, outlined ways media give attention to Asians during the Office of Multicultural’s Diversity Brown Bag event February 12. During her presentation, Vo showed specific examples from films, television programs and advertisements that tried to enhance the image of Asians.

“While stereotypes such as ‘The Dragon Lady’ and the ‘good Asian male’ have appeared in the media, they do not accurately portray Asian life and limit the scope in which people view Asian culture,” said Vo.

Vo said she hopes her presentation creates awareness for unbiased representation of all cultures on college campuses.

The Diversity Brown Bag series event was in conjunction with Asian Pacific Heritage Celebration.

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