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Graduate students honored

Posted on April 28, 2010

Students were honored at the 2010 Graduate Student Celebration held April 16 in Hager Auditorium at the Pew Grand Rapids Campus. The following students and faculty were recognized:


Academic Excellence

Jonathan D. Wendt, accounting

Scott P. Setlock, business administration

Amanda M. Linklater, criminal justice

Daniel S. Kuchan, health administration

Melissa S. Miller, public administration

Wesley R. Miller, public administration

Kelly F. McDonell, student affairs leadership

Ashley M. VandeKopple, counseling

Lindsey L. Gerrits, physical therapy

Sarah E. Appold, physician assistant studies

Rebeka M. Tabbey, biostatistics

Tracy A. Stephens, English

Linda K. Buck, nursing


Outstanding Master’s Thesis

Dina Grabareva, public administration

Lisa K. Miller, English


Outstanding Final Project

Robert F. Johnson, education

Tonie J. McMaster, nursing


Outstanding Publication

Kamil W. Makiela, public administration

Sarah A. Donker, physical therapy

Ashley A. LaPoe, physical therapy

Patrick R. Prominski, English


Service to the Community or Profession

Joshua M. Meringa, health administration

Toni S. Jones-Lipsey, public administration

Brandon J. Seng, public administration

Erin L. Lewis, physical therapy

Katy L. Leedy, English

Whitney B. Miner, biostatistics

Tonie J. McMaster, nursing


Leadership and Service to GVSU

Matthew W. Ferre, criminal justice

Matthew R. Mokma, public administration

Michael K. Soltis, health administration

Shana J. Simon, physical therapy

Kristina N. Persenaire, English


Outstanding Faculty Awards

Salvatore Alaimo, assistant professor of public administration

B. Lorraine Alston, associate professor of education

Greg Cline, associate professor of health administration

Jodee Hunt, professor of biology


Kimboko Inclusion Award

Debra Ross, associate professor of criminal justice



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