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SeoulTech and Grand Valley partner in faculty exhibition

  • Tooth and Nail by Ann Baddeley Keister
  • Your House by Anna Campbell
  • Brooch #5 by Beverly J. Seley
  • The Parade by Bill Hosterman
  • Stakes by Brett Colley
  • Accelerating the Sunset video by Collin Bradford
  • Messengers by Dellas Henke
  • Idiopathic Condylar Resorption by Ed Wong-Ligda
  • WASHED_FEAST performative installation by Hoon Lee
  • Raveling by Jill Eggers
  • Autumn Teacup by Kirsten Strom
  • In the Prime of Life by Lorelle Otis Thomas
  • Making Way by Norwood Viviano
  • Plasticspace-Chesterhill, Ohio by Paul Wittenbraker
  • Object of Mourning by Renee Zettle-Sterling
  • Untitled by Timothy Fisher
  • Secrets by Virginia Jenkins

Posted on June 27, 2013

The ongoing partnership between the Departments of Art & Design at Grand Valley and Seoul National University of Science & Technology was celebrated in Seoul, during a joint faculty exhibit in May.

Works by 17 Grand Valley faculty members were exhibited with the works of more than 30 faculty members from SeoulTech during the 10-day event – the first to be held in the new College of Art & Design Museum at SeoulTech.

The opening ceremony began with a declaration of participation by Nam Koong Keun, SeoulTech president; Lee Tae Guen, SeoulTech Graduate School Dean; Chung Sung Kyun, SeoulTech Provost; Rho Mee Seon, SeoulTech Art & Design College Dean; Virginia Jenkins, GVSU Art & Design chair; Henry Mattews, GVSU director of Galleries and Collections; and Hoon Lee, GVSU Art & Design professor.

SeoulTech Dean Seon stated that the, “Exhibition started on a small scale, but a fruitful plan of collaboration will promote future exchange.” Grand Valley Chair Jenkins said Grand Valley will host the next joint exhibition in the fall of 2016.

SeoulTech and Grand Valley signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2008 through the efforts of Grand Valley Art & Design Professor Hoon Lee, a SeoulTech alumnus. Since 2008, there have been several faculty and student exchanges between both universities.


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