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Engineering and computing students display projects built for real-world use

  • A contest to sort simulated mail took place between student-made robots at Design Day.
  • Design Day
  • Design Day

Posted on December 08, 2011

Students in Grand Valley’s Padnos College of Engineering and Computing demonstrated projects they created during the fall semester at the annual Design Day event on December 8. More than 150 middle and high school students attended the annual event to learn about career opportunities in engineering and computing.

Created for real-world use, the projects were on display in the halls and classrooms of the Kennedy Hall of Engineering and Keller Engineering Laboratories on the Pew Grand Rapids Campus.

Some projects included a mechanism designed to reduce errors in administering medication to pediatric patients, a machine that measures the heart rate and other factors in response to different music, and a device that provides alerts when important items, like car keys, are missing from personal items.

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