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Website lists resources for conflict resolution

Posted on November 13, 2013

Perhaps it's two colleagues who have differences in communication styles and find it hard to work together. Maybe it's an entire department with unusually high stress.

Human Resources has created a website that lists resources to help faculty and staff members deal with the problems listed above and others that might arise. The Conflict Resolution Process offers effective tools ranging from mediation services to formal grievance procedures. The site also lists the appropriate contact person per situation; for example, faculty members who are experiencing an issue should contact Jon Jellema, while Beth Evans is the contact for medical or maternity leave questions.

Sue Sloop, work life consultant, said an example of a problem that might reach mediation is a staff member who experiences difficulty with a supervisor and is unable to maintain a positive work environment.

She said 25 faculty and staff members have been trained as mediators to help facilitate conversations.

Vist here to learn more.

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