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Nursing students make H1N1 presentations

  • A student asks a question during a presentation on the H1N1 virus in Copeland Living Center

Posted on October 08, 2009

To help on-campus students avoid the seasonal and H1N1 flu viruses, Kirkhof College of Nursing has teamed with Housing and Residence Life to give presentations in living centers.

Marilyn Vander Werf, assistant professor of nursing, said nursing students in a senior-level community health course are leading the presentations. "They start with a evidence-based presentation that addresses the unique needs of student populations," she said.

College students are at risk for H1N1 because they are in close contact with each others in living centers, classrooms and other campus events.

"It's evident these presentations have helped to dispel rumors and fears," Vander Werf said. "While it's important for students to know preventative behaviors, it's also important for them to know the steps toward treatment and prevention and of the spread of the H1N1 flu."

Andy Beachnau, director of housing, said that apartment landlords surrounding the Allendale Campus have been given brochures similar to the presentations to distribute to off-campus students.

Vander Werf and Claudia Leiras-Laubach, assistant professor of nursing, coordinated the brochures and presentations with staff members from housing. Five other KCON faculty members helped prepare students for the presentations: Deb Brown-Bayus, Kristi Cooper, Catherine D'Amour, Stephanie Solis and Mary Bollman.

Information about the H1N1 flu will continue to be updated online at

A student asks a question during a presentation on the H1N1 virus in Copeland Living Center.

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