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Storm damages Allendale Campus - events will go on today

  • Tim Thimmesh inspects the basement doors of Lake Michigan Hall.
  • Anthropology files damaged by flash flood
  • Damaged business files
  • Electrician repairs damage
  • Lake Michigan Hall basement doors
  • Damaged business files
  • Damaged business files
  • Clean-up crews by Lake Michigan Hall
  • Sandbags in preparation for more rain

Posted on June 22, 2011

Despite basement flooding and power outages in several buildings, Grand Valley will be open today.

Classes and freshman orientation will take place but will be relocated. There will be signs and people on campus to help direct students and families to the proper locations.

Employees should report to work unless they have heard differently from their supervisors.

Crews have been working around the clock to restore power and repair damage. Lake Michigan Hall is open.

Look for any updates on GV Now. 

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