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Carson receives Fulbright Award

Posted on April 21, 2010

Susan Carson, associate professor of education, will travel in August to the University of Lucknow in India where she will research principles and practices of caring communities with an emphasis on equity opportunities for young women and girls.

Carson's research aims to identify how teacher education faculty educate students about principles and practices of caring communities.

"The goal is to understand how these practices are identified, developed and integrated into pre-service teacher education curriculum," said Carson, "and to show ultimately how they might be used to construct a shared vision, reduce violence, improve communication, enhance relationships, address issues of gender equity and foster respect for teachers."

This will be Carson's second trip to India where she said cultural intersections bring wonderful learning opportunities. She said the University of Lucknow is a prime site for research as it offers courses in peace education, human rights education, value education and environmental education.


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