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Graduate students honored

Posted on April 28, 2011

Thirty-four graduate students and six faculty members were honored at the Graduate Dean’s Citation Awards during a ceremony April 22 at the Eberhard Center. The students were recognized for excellence in academic performance. The Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) and the Office of Graduate Studies hosted the event.

Academic Excellence in the Major
Roxane B. Kruse, accounting
Rabih M. Jamal, business administration
Heather M. Andrews, criminal justice
Carolyn C. Faber, health administration
Andrew W. Crosby, public administration
Samantha J. Schenk, higher education
Catherine R. Thomson, school counseling
Katherine M. Botting, physical therapy
Ashley J. Strotbaum, physician assistant studies
Jordan R. Allison, biology 
Allison M. Wehr, biostatistics 
Hailey I. Jahn, cell and molecular biology
Linda S. Theuerkorn, nursing

Outstanding Master’s Thesis in a Major
Matthew P. Zuellig, Master of Science in biology
Jennifer L. Jakubowski, Master of Science in cell & molecular biology
Lisa C. Dopke, Master of Science in communications
Heather E. Gemmen, Master of Arts in English
Phyllis D. Boone, Master of Science in nursing   

Outstanding Master’s Final Project in a Major
Heather M. Andrews, Master of Science in criminal justice
Jon E. Hultgren, Master of Science in communications
Jennifer K. Dankers, Master of Science in nursing

Outstanding Publication
Jennifer L. Jakubowski, Master of Science in cell & molecular biology

Excellence in Service to the Community or Profession
Emily A. Martin, Master of Public Administration
Emily M. Woolsey, Doctor of Physical Therapy
Austin N. Kuipers, Master of Physician Assistant Studies
Allison M. Wehr, Master of Science in biostatistics
Jonathan A. Whitmer, Master of Art in English
Pamela M. Bryant, Master of Science in nursing

Excellence in Leadership and Service to GVSU
Yasha A. Nath, Master of Business Administration
Justin E. Ott, Master of Health Administration
Todd B. Workman, Master of Public Administration
Ann M. Matthews, Doctor of Physical Therapy
Leah B. Tarrant, Master of Physician Assistant Studies

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion to GVSU
Rachael L. DeWitt, Master of Public Administration and Master of Social Work

Niemeyer Award for Outstanding Graduate Students
Barbara J. Reimbold, Master of Business Administration
Christina M. Moore, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award
Julie Chlebo, associate professor of education
Jonathan Engelsma, associate professor of computer information systems
Mark Hoffman, associate professor of public administration
Robert Hollister, assistant professor of biology
Cray Mulder, assistant professor of social Work
Dawn Richiert, assistant professor of biomedical sciences


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