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'Stories' give voice to those who go unheard

  • Students perform a sketch during `Grand Valley Stories¿ November 3 in Loosemore Auditorium, DeVos Center.

Posted on November 05, 2010

From dialogue vignettes, audiences at “Grand Valley Stories” learned a little of what it’s like to be a Grand Valley student.

Part of the university’s 50th anniversary celebration, productions of “Grand Valley Stories” were held November 2-3. Produced by Jeffrey Steiger, artist-in-residence at the University of Michigan, the dialogues were based on focus groups with students, faculty and staff members.

Steiger said the productions were modeled after “theater of the oppressed” and meant to give voice to those who are often silent. The students performed short sketches based on religion, race and other issues; Steiger then asked audience members to discuss the sketches as related to their own experiences.

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