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GVSU police academy for veterans

Posted on March 04, 2013

Grand Valley State University has been selected as the first site in Michigan to launch a new law enforcement training program designed to draw upon and focus on the talents of military veterans.

The Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards selected Grand Valley for the Military Police Basic Training Program (MPBTP); only 10 states provide military police veterans with a formal training academy that allows for a smooth transition into civilian law enforcement.

The MPBTP will provide military police veterans with an abbreviated format of a traditional police academy training session. The format provides for the same areas of instruction, to include classroom and skill area instruction, but with a reduced number of hours in each instructional block. Military police veterans who meet the eligibility requirements for the program will participate in the six-week training program, and at the conclusion will be able to apply for employment at law enforcement agencies.  

Julie Yunker, director of Grand Valley’s Police Academy, said: “The benefits of this program extend beyond the veterans to include law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. This is a great opportunity to leverage the talent of military veterans to the benefit of the public.”

Participants of Grand Valley’s program will not only gain the ability to become licensed officers, but will also earn university-level credits while attending the program. The program will run from June 24-August 6. 

Applications and additional information for the MPBTP are available on the GVSU Police Academy website at

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