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Grand Valley charter schools rank best in state

Posted on February 12, 2013

A report released today by the Michigan State Board of Education shows that among all charter school authorizers in the state, Grand Valley State University’s portfolio of 52 neighborhood charters outperform all other authorizers using state tests as the assessment standard.

The report, conducted by Michigan State University for the state Board of Education, found that on average, GVSU charter school students demonstrate greater proficiency and growth than students in non-GVSU charter schools. This trend continues across minority populations and economically disadvantaged students. The GVSU portfolio of charter schools performs at or above state averages while serving a population that is nearly twice as economically disadvantaged. Additionally, the report found that regardless of authorizer, Michigan charter schools were more than twice as likely to be serving economically disadvantaged students.
“Grand Valley schools work very diligently on improving teaching and learning, and a commitment to serving their neighborhoods,” said Timothy Wood, director of charter schools for Grand Valley.

GVSU charters 52 neighborhood schools serving 25,400 students across the state with the majority being Detroit-area students. The GVSU portfolio of charter schools includes elementary, middle, and high schools with differentiated focuses that include design, arts, technology, character, health, and innovation among others.

All Michigan charter schools are public, open-enrollment schools; where wait lists exist, lotteries are conducted. Currently, GVSU charter schools have more than 10,000 students on waiting lists. GVSU charter schools are governed by volunteer board members, typically neighborhood community leaders, appointed by GVSU. The schools follow the same accountability and testing laws required of traditional public schools; however, GVSU charter schools have a contract that requires certain performance measures be met or the potential of losing their charter exists.

View the full report here.

For more information, contact Timothy Wood, (616) 331-2240 or visit

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