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Grand Valley State has record enrollment

Posted on September 09, 2011

Grand Valley State University’s enrollment is up for the 29th year in a row. Fall enrollment stands at 24,662 up from 24,541 last year. The record enrollment number comes after a record number of applications at almost 24,000.

The freshman class is the second largest in Grand Valley’s history. This year’s class has 3,927 students. The number of transfer students is also up. The enrollment numbers are right on target with the university’s plan for modest and steady growth.

“We’re attracting solid students from all over the state,” President Thomas J. Haas said. “This is right in line with our plans to keep Grand Valley affordable and accessible while ensuring all of our students are receiving the high-quality education they expect at Grand Valley. We’re thrilled with the caliber of students who are attracted by our academic programs, and we’re ready to fulfill the promises we’ve made to them and to the people of Michigan.”

Grand Valley’s fall 2011 freshman class has an average GPA of 3.51 and an average ACT score of 24, which keeps Grand Valley’s freshman class in the upper quartile of Michigan’s public universities.


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