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More Grand Valley students to get cash award for full-time study

Posted on September 01, 2010

Grand Valley State University announced today that it will expand its Grand Finish program by tripling the number of students able to qualify for the new program, which encourages full-time study and rewards timely graduation.

The Grand Finish program was announced earlier this year by President Thomas J. Haas and Provost Gayle R. Davis as a way to support students. It offers enhanced advising and online tools that assist students in planning timely graduation. Qualifying students would receive a $1,000 grant as they enter their senior year. Transfer students meeting the criteria would receive a $500 grant.

The unique program originally covered students entering Grand Valley for the first time in Fall 2010. As of today, the Grand Finish has been expanded to include selected students who were enrolled prior to this fall. Generally that means most students admitted since Fall 2008 and who will have earned 90 credit hours by August 2011 will be eligible.

“We understand that our students and their families are facing tough economic times just as our state is,” Haas said. “Grand Valley has always been committed to student success and providing comprehensive support. We have decided to expand the Grand Finish program this year so more of our students could get a cash reward for planning and working hard to obtain their degrees. Saved time is saved money, so this program works in a number of ways to help students.”

The keys to the program are earning 90 credit hours in a set period of time. Students may need to adjust their schedules this year to make sure they’re on track to receive the Grand Finish grant.

“This takes a renewed and intense effort by our advising staff and our faculty members to guide students,” Davis said. “We have put people and programs in place to provide this extra support. I’m proud of Grand Valley for illustrating yet again that students, their education and their place in our community are of paramount importance to us.”

Once students reach the 90 credit hours, the grant money will be paid over the next two semesters, which are typically in the final year for students. For all the details of the program visit


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