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GVSU, GRCC agreement helps students transfer

  • Grand Valley President Thomas J. Haas, left, and GRCC President Steven C. Ender
  • President Haas signs articulation agreement
  • Grand Valley Provost Gayle Davis, left, signs agreement with President Haas
  • President Haas with GRCC President Steven C. Ender

Posted on June 04, 2014

Grand Valley State University has expanded and enhanced its longtime articulation status with Grand Rapids Community College.

Grand Valley President Thomas J. Haas and GRCC President Steven C. Ender signed a 2+2 pre-major articulation agreement during a ceremony June 4 at Grand Rapids Community College. The agreement is designed to help GRCC students in a variety of programs experience a seamless transfer to Grand Valley.

Grand Valley was the first university in Michigan to sign a 2+2 articulation agreement with a community college when Grand Valley and GRCC signed an agreement in exercise science. With the June 4 signing, faculty members from both institutions will work together formalizing a set of GRCC courses that students need in order to complete a transfer to Grand Valley.

“This agreement will enable student success. It is another step in our partnership designed to help students reach their goals,” Grand Valley President Thomas J. Haas said. “This reduces cost and redundancy so students can get on with what they need to do, which is get into the classroom, engage with faculty and achieve the goal of earning a degree from now both institutions.”

GRCC President Steven C. Ender said: “I have compared our relationship with Grand Valley to a common law marriage. We’ve been in it a long time and now it’s time to go to the altar. I am proud of the ways we have made it easier for our students to transfer. This has never been a competition. The goal has been to create clear pathways for students.”

Grand Valley Provost Gayle R. Davis said the agreement will make it easier for students to make a plan and set goals. “Students who are able to imagine themselves in a role are more confident to take the steps to reach that goal,” said Davis. “When they can see the possibilities for their lives for future work or future schooling, it becomes less of worry and more of a clear pathway. The students are the winners in all of this.”


* President Haas said the agreement enables student success (audio).

* President Haas said the agreement reduces cost and redundancy (audio).

* Provost Gayle Davis said this is just one of many collaborations with GRCC (audio).

* Provost Gayle Davis said the agreement will help students set goals toward a degree (audio).

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