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University Club celebrates 50 years

  • Former University Club presidents are pictured; back row, from left, Ronald VanSteeland, Fred Bevis, Scott Richardson, Dan Balfour, Ester Burns, Jim Thompson, Mick Doxey, Martin Burg, John Klein; front row, from left, Carrie Corbin, Carl Arendsen, John Te
  • University Club life members are pictured, from left, President Emeritus Arend D. Lubbers, President Thomas J. Haas, John Tevebaugh and John Klein.

Posted on June 26, 2013

Members of the University Club celebrated the organization’s 50th anniversary in May with a reception at the home of President Thomas J. Haas and Marcia Haas that drew about 100 current and past members.

Guests included President Emeritus Arend D. Lubbers and Vice President Emeritus Ronald VanSteeland. Past UClub president John Tevebaugh and current president John Klein talked about the history of the club. Participants received a commemorative booklet.

The University Club is open to all faculty and staff members, and retirees; more information is online at


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