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Lt. Gov. Calley talks job creation at Seidman breakfast

Posted on December 02, 2011

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley said Michigan needs a healthy, growing economy for long-term fiscal security, during a speech in Loosemore Auditorium December 1. Calley was the featured speaker for the Huntington Breakfast Lecture sponsored by the Seidman College of Business.

“We have a budget plan to pay down and cap state debt that gives us a firm, dependable, predictable foundation to move forward with. Now, we need to create jobs through company expansions, start-ups and relocations,” Calley said.

The lieutenant governor also said there are thousands of jobs available in Michigan with thousands of residents looking for work. “We have employers who say they can’t find skilled people for the jobs they have and workers who say they can’t find jobs that match their skills,” he said. “This means we’re missing the mark in many areas in developing talent in this state.”

Calley said Gov. Snyder just released a new plan that focuses on talent development for Michigan workers. He also said that while government must do its part to make Michigan strong again, residents must do their part as well.

“Strong individuals make strong families, and strong families make strong communities and states,” said Calley. “We need people in our state to take a personal interest in the success of Michigan. Residents need to get personally involved in the success of the people around them and this means mentorship.” Calley said West Michigan is a shining example of this.


* Calley said Michigan should not have the reputation of a poor economy (audio).

* Calley said the state budget calls for paying down and capping debt (audio).

* Calley said a new state initiative will focus on developing worker talent (audio).

* Calley said Michigan residents need to take a personal interest in the success of the state (audio).

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