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Theodore Roosevelt comes to Grand Rapids

  • Dr. John "Chuck" Chalberg

Posted on November 04, 2004

He's on Mount Rushmore and now he's in Grand Rapids. Sort of. Actor and historian Dr. John "Chuck" Chalberg portrays Theodore Roosevelt when he appears at the Ford Museum on November 5.

The Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies and the Gerald R. Ford Library and Museum have scheduled this performance to mark the conclusion of the hotly contested race for the White House and the 100-year anniversary of Theodore Roosevelt's 1904 electoral victory.

"There are more parallels between the 1904 and 2004 elections than most people realize," said Gleaves Whitney, director of the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies at Grand Valley. "Nobody can bring those out better than Chuck Chalberg. He is both an historian and an actor who will make you think you are in TR's presence; he is that convincing."

Chalberg has traveled throughout North America and Europe performing American personalities TR, H.L. Mencken and Gilbert Keith Chesterton. He teaches history at Normandale Community College in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Dr. John "Chuck" Chalberg as Theodore Roosevelt
Friday, November 5, 2004
8 p.m.
Gerald R. Ford Museum, Grand Rapids

TR is the only modern face on Mount Rushmore. He was a naturalist, historian, ranchman, soldier and politician with a robust personality and a wide grin. His accomplishments in office earned him his place on Mount Rushmore beside Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln.

Seating for the performance is limited. Call Grand Valley State University's Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies at (616) 331-2770 to reserve a seat. See for more information on the Hauenstein Center and its events.

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