G3 Camp offers hands-on learning for kids, grandparents

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From performing with puppets and composing music to simulating volcanic eruptions, Grand Valley's annual G3 Camp offered a fun and engaging way for children and their grandparents to experience college life June 21-23.

Hosted by Grand Valley’s Regional Math and Science Center, Grandparents, Grandkids, Grand Valley (G3) Camp offers opportunities each summer for children ages 8-12, and their grandparents, to attend hands-on classes while living on the Allendale Campus for three days.

“We feel the camp broadens the students' perceptions of the panorama of academic opportunities in higher education, specifically at Grand Valley," said Diane Miller, RMSC program coordinator and G3 Camp organizer. "We want to provide a campus living experience and encourage students to investigate possible careers related to the sessions offered."

New to this year's event, campers built their own puppets to perform in a live puppet show, composed their own original music, investigated various types of energy and explored "selfies through the centuries" by examining how photography has evolved since the 1840s.

Other G3 Camp activities included:

  • Simulating volcanic eruptions using Mentos;
  • Creating mobiles utilizing the science of balance and statistics;
  • Identifying plants and animals on campus;
  • Exploring the impact of earthquakes;
  • Learning how electricity makes everyday objects work;
  • Testing the water quality of Lake Michigan via an excursion aboard the Annis Water Resources Institute's W.G. Jackson Research Vessel.

During evening hours, participants were able to explore campus and take advantage of various activities, including swimming, rock climbing, basketball, bike riding and watching movies.

For more information about G3 Camp, visit www.gvsu.edu/g3 or call the Regional Math and Science Center at (616) 331-2267.