Recent Updates

Check here for announcements about recent updates to policies in the Grand Valley Manual!

Freedom of Information Act Policy (Revised)

Animals on Property Owned or Controlled by the University (New)

Space Heaters and Personal Appliance Policy (New)

Fundraising Policy (Revised)

University Art Collection Maintenance and Care Policy (New)

Interim Sexual Misconduct Policy (New) 

Emergency Closure Policy (Revised and replaced the Severe Weather Policy)

Crisis Communication Plan (Revised)

Endowment Match Policy (Revised)

Honorary Naming of a Portion of a GVSU Facility Policy (New)

Collegiality Policy (New)

Indirect Cost Recovery Allocation Policy (Revised)

Disability Accomodations Policy for Faculty and Staff (New)

Maternity Leave Policy for Faculty and Staff (New)

Use of Volunteers Policy (New)

Military Leave of Absence Policy (New)

Family and Medical Leave Policy (Revised)
Revised terminology for consistency, no substantive changes

Exercise Release Time Policy (New)

Motion Picture/Video/Film/Digital Imaging Production on the Campus Policy (New)

Consensual Relationship Policy (New)

Religious Inclusion Policy (New)

Anti-Harrassment Policy (Revised)
The language regarding consensual relationships was removed.

Political Activity Policy (Revised)
The revisions address employees who charge their time to federal grants.

Conflict of Interest Policy (Revised)

Space Assignment Policy (New)

Textbooks and Course Materials Policy (New)

Bias Incident Protocol Policy (Revised)
Updated information pertaining to the offices where bias incidents are reported.


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