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Policy Template & Impact Statement

An individual proposing the establishment of a new policy (or changes to an existing policy) must present two completed documents to the appropriate vice president:

1. A draft of the policy using the approved template. Prepare the draft in Word format using the Arial 12 point font for the body of the text. Use the Policy Statement section to present a brief summary of the reason for the policy and/or principles behind the policy. In the Policy & Procedures section, describe the policy and related procedures in sufficient detail that readers will have a clear understanding of the policy without consulting other resources.

To download a copy of the Policy Template, click here.

2. An Impact Statement. The Impact Statement provides the Vice President (and Senior Management Team) with needed background information regarding how the proposed policy fits within the institution and may affect other members of the GVSU community. It also describes the type of resources required for implementation of the policy.

To download a copy of the Impact Statement, click here.