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Grand Valley Manual Policy Index A-Z

Adoption Leave Policy
Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy
Alumni House Policies for Faculty/Staff
Animals on Property Owned or Controlled by the University
Anti-Harassment Policy
     Consensual Relationship Policy
     Sexual or Gender Based Harassment Policy
Art Collection Maintenance and Care Policy
Bridge Fund Request Policy
Cellular Phone and Wireless Communication Policy
Collegiality Policy
Computing Conditions of Use
Confidentiality, Data and Security Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Contract Release Policy
Cook-DeVos Center for Health Science Event Policy
Cook-DeVos Center Student Access Cards Policy
Copyright Duplication Policy
Crisis Communication Plan
DeVos Center Room Rental Policy
Digital Media Policy
Disability Accommodation Policy for Faculty and Staff
Eberhard Center Event Policy
Email Policy
Emergency Closure Policy
Endowment Match Policy
Endowment Spending Policy
Equipment Acquisition and Disposal Policy
Evacuation of Persons with Disabilities Policy
Event Signs and Banner- Allendale Campus
Exercise Release Time Policy
Faculty/Staff Abuse of Technology
Family and Medical Leave Policy
Freedom of Information Act Policy
Fund Raising Policy
General Responsibilities Policy
Gift Acceptance and Disposition Policy
GVSU Laker Store Policy
Heating & Cooling Set Points Policy
Honorary Naming of a Portion of a GVSU Facility Policy
Identification Card Policy
Identity Standards Policy
Identity Theft Detection Policy (Red Flags)
Indirect Cost Recovery Allocation Policy
Interior Signage Standards Policy
Invoice Payment Policy
Key Policy - Allendale Campus
Keys and Card Access - Pew Campus
Lake Michigan Center Event Policy
Legal Services Policy
Lightning/Severe Weather Policy - Athletics
Maternity Leave Policy for Faculty and Staff
Military Leave of Absence Policy for Faculty Staff
Motion Picture/Video/Film/Digital Imaging Production on the Campus Policy
Non-Affiliate/Guest Use of Library Resources and Computers
PhoneMail Policy
Political Activity Policy
Privacy Policy
Public Folder Policy 
Publications and Advertising Policy
Religious Inclusion Policy
Relocation Policy
Research Integrity Policy
Secure Office Procedures
Sexual Misconduct Policies
     Sexual Assault
     Sexual Exploitation
     Intimate Partner Violence (Domestic Violence and Dating Violence)
Smoking Policy - All GVSU Sites
Social Security Number Privacy Policy
Software Support Policy
Space Assignment Policy
Space Heaters and Personal Appliance Policy
Sponsored Programs Delegation of Authority Policy
Student Computing Account Agreement
Textbooks and Course Materials Policy
Timecard/Timekeeping Policy
Training of Personnel Involved in Animal Research
Travel Policies & Procedures
United States Government Documents Internet Use
University Bookstore Policies
University Designated and Plant Reserve Policy
Unmanned Aircraft System/Drone Policy
Use of Volunteers Policy
VoiceMail Policy
Web Policies for Academic and Administrative Units
Winter Hall Meeting Room Policy