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Frequently Asked Questions

a) How do I propose a new policy?

Review the Policy on Policies and Policy Hierarchy to decide if the policy seems to meet the criteria for a university administrative policy.
1. If YES, follow the steps outlined in the Policy Approval Process.
2. If NO, discuss other options with your unit head.

b) Who determines which policies are included on the GV Manual web site?

The Vice Presidents decide whether to review a policy with the President's Cabinet.

c) What if I want to change an existing policy?

Follow the same process for changing an existing policy as submitting a new policy.

d) What if I have questions about a policy on the Grand Valley Manual web site?

Contact the "Responsible Office/Department" on the policy document.

e) What happened to the GVSU Procedures Manual?

The manual was eliminated once the Grand Valley Manual was established. Contents may be found within the Grand Valley Manual or on individual department Web sites.

f) What if I want to recommend a policy for inclusion in the Grand Valley Manual?

Send an email to the Manual administrator from the Contact Us link.

g) Who is the Grand Valley Manual administrator?

The Grand Valley Manual development and site administration is the responsibility of the Division of Legal, Compliance and Risk Management.

h) What if I can't find a policy I'm looking for on the Grand Valley Manual site?

For a Board of Trustees policy, consult the GVSU Administrative Manual web site. For other policies/procedures, check departmental Web sites and/or contact the appropriate department.