Movement science professor enhances students' career paths

For Jeffrey Potteiger, dean of graduate studies and professor of movement science, writing “The American College of Sports Medicine’s Introduction to Exercise Science” came with its share of rewards and challenges. 

The textbook, published in 2010, serves to provide undergraduate students with the essential foundation needed for studies in exercise science and related areas such as sport nutrition and athletic training. It also details the various careers and professions that are available to students who are pursuing a degree in exercise science.

“Exercise science is an area of study for individuals who are interested in health and wellness as a professional career, as well as people striving to achieve healthy living,” Potteiger said. “However, the textbook provides a good foundation for all health care professions.”

The text covers the core disciplines of exercise science, including exercise physiology, sports psychology, nutrition, sports medicine, among others.

Potteiger is trained in human physiology and said he has a strong research interest in how the body works in response to physical activity and exercise.

This was Potteiger’s first time writing a textbook and he said it was both a fun and educational experience. “It was personally rewarding for me because I was able to learn a lot more about my profession and others areas of the field I wasn’t fully aware of,” he said.

Potteiger said it was also rewarding to know that his book helps guide students in the direction they ultimately want to take regarding their degrees and careers.

The text is under revision for the second edition and will be available in 2013.  


Page last modified March 14, 2012