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The origin of monotheism
Jeremiah Cataldo started writing “Breaking Monotheism: Yehud and the Material Formation of Monotheistic Identity” because of his curiosity regarding the persistent correlation between monotheism (belief in one God) and conflict.More text goes here.

Book looks at history of mental illness
Mary de Young said her student’s interest in the topic influenced her to write “Madness: An American History of Mental Illness and Its Treatment.”

Book on sexuality addresses what others lack
When Valerie Peterson started writing "Sex, Ethics, and Communication," she had a specific idea to address that seemed lacking in other books.

Communications professor rocks America's youth
For Brian J. Bowe, the rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere has played an important role in both his childhood and as a successful author today.

Death acceptance and the meaning of life
Corey Anton’s search for the sources of meaning in life has led to important contributions in the areas of philosophy and communication.

First-year students benefit from professor's work
John Hewitt has done extensive work over the years, co-writing textbooks for first-year criminal justice students and students interested in the field of juvenile delinquency.

Book studies influence of oral argument
For Matthew Roberts, the inner workings of the court system are an exciting area of study.  

Geology professor promotes beaches
Which is more important, the beaches or the buildings? This is the question that has inspired the research done by Bill Neal on coastlines around the world.

History professor explores hidden power of women
Grace Coolidge, has always been interested in exploring the gap between what should be happening and what is actually happening, particularly how that idea relates to women in early modern Spain.

Movement science professor enhances students' career paths
For Jeffrey Potteiger,  writing “The American College of Sports Medicine’s Introduction to Exercise Science” came with its share of rewards and challenges. 

Professor writes book about 'tipping point'
Stephen C. Rowe, professor of philosophy and liberal studies, has written a book that suggests America is now at a tipping point of either being overcome by its multi-faceted, ideological battles or being able to overcome those battles and “reclaim its integrity.”

Book gives guidelines to assess writing centers
Ellen Schendel has had an interest in writing assessment since she wrote a dissertation on the topic more than 10 years ago.

Book notes changes in Michigan rural town
Cindy Hull, retired anthropology professor, wrote a book about the economic and cultural changes in the rural community where she lived.

Book analyzes graphic novels
Richard Iadonisi, an affiliate professor of writing, believes that comic books and graphic novels should be considered developed forms of literature.

Poet-in-residence draws from many inspirations
Patricia Clark made three different arrangements of her poems before finalizing her newest book, “Sunday Rising,” which was published in February 2013 by Michigan State University Press.

Depersonalization and making sense of the world through philosophy
Dwayne Tunstall, assistant professor of philosophy, wrote “Doing Philosophy Personally: Thinking about Metaphysics, Theism, and Antiblack Racism” to introduce readers to philosophy as a form of conceptual storytelling, which he said enables us to make sense of ourselves and our world.

Professor studies the Syrian/Lebanese community in Grand Rapids

James Goode, professor of history, had wanted to research the history of the Syrian community in Grand Rapids since the 1980s when he met Karen Henry, a member of that community.

Book gives scholarly look at coaching myths in sports

From holding lengthy practices to winning to hazing, Rick Albrecht writes about 15 sports myths in a book geared toward parents, administrators and coaches.

Book examines interregionalism between Africa, European Union

The Africa–European Union (EU) Strategic Partnership, established in 2007, is the overarching policy framework that is transforming the way the two regions work together.



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