Book on sexuality addresses what others lack

When Valerie Peterson started writing "Sex, Ethics, and Communication," she had a specific idea to address that seemed lacking in other books.

“Human sexuality textbooks are fine for what they do,” Peterson, associate professor of communications, said. “You have your chapter on anatomy, your chapter on disease. But you haven’t addressed the thing that students really want to know: how do I deal with all this?”

Published in April 2011 by Cognella Academic Publishing, "Sex, Ethics, and Communication" encourages thinking about sex and sexuality from the perspective of communication, and considering the ethics associated with sex as an interpersonal act. The book is divided into three parts: ethics, communication, and a final section that includes related topics such as money, children and politics.

While the book was designed for classroom use, it can also be beneficial for anyone who cares about what they’re doing in intimacy. “The book encourages you to ask yourself what you want from your relationships,” Peterson said, “and what you’re doing to make sure you’re being good to yourself and to other people.”

Page last modified March 14, 2012