Customized Information: Often special information is required to assist in decision-making. This can include anything from trade information to government spending to housing starts in a specific area of the United States. (Fee dependent on level of information required.)

Foreign Trade: Seidman Business Services, the U.S. Department of Commerce, and the VanAndel Global Trade Center work together to provide information regarding products, countries, and trends in foreign trade. This preliminary information can be used to assist in the decision making process of whether or not to pursue foreign trade in a target area.

Market Penetration Analysis: Sales and marketing departments need to profile their current customers to determine who are the most and least attractive. Using Marketplace Gold Seidman Information Services will take a company's current client database with sales history and complete the following analysis: measure market penetration and potential, enhance customer and lead databases with key business demographic data, generate targeted prospect lists, and determine market potential. (Fee dependent on number of companies involved.)

Demographic Profile for Grand Rapids & Lakeshore Areas: Every year since 1991, Seidman Business Services has completed a comprehensive manual of statistics for Kent, Ottawa, Muskegon, and Allegan counties. This book provides information on population and income trends, employment, business activity, real estate development, education trends, and international trade. This is the first place to check for current information on Western Michigan and its trends. (The cost for the Demographic Profile is $99.95.)