Seidman Information Services
Small Businesses & Non-Profits


Customer Demographics: Review current customers by zip code and review demographics for areas with high sales for the company. Identify other zip codes with similar characteristics for expansion or marketing efforts. (Nominal fee dependent on level of information required.)

Competition Assessment: Illustrates the competition by county, state or zip code for the identified geographic area. This assists in identifying areas that could be potentially under-served or saturated with similar competition. (Fee depends on the number of companies in the geographic area.)

Site-Ring Analysis Maps: Compare and analyze current population demographics within three specified circles from an exact location from your consumer to a potential new location. The maps illustrate the population density, average household income, home ownership, or renter density and various other demographic categories. ($25.00 charge for each site.)

Information-Based Business Plan: Construct a facilitated internal three-year plan using internal and external information. Develop a plan and then work the plan.

Business-to-Business Target Market Assessment: Identify within a specified geographic area the number of businesses that meet your customer qualifications. Information can be exported on these companies including name, address, phone, etc. These can be exported as a file, paper, or mailing labels. (Fee based depending on the number of companies requested.)

Market Research: Class projects are completed each semester on specific research topics. The projects involve contacting current or future customers to uncover customer satisfaction, new product interest or market potential.

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