Seidman Information Services
New Venture Companies


When individuals are thinking of starting a company they need a wide variety of information to assist in the development of their new business. The following services are provided to new ventures at no cost or minimal fees:

Demographics: Population demographics for 1990 - 2000 and projections by state, county, community or zip code.

Population Profile Maps: Analyze the population demographics within three specified circles from an exact location. The maps illustrate the population density, average household income, home ownership, or renter density and various other demographic categories. This helps identify potential customers within the identified geographical area and determine the potential market for a particular product or service. ($25.00 charge for each site.)

Industry/Trade Associations: Often the best source of information to assist in starting a new business is a trade association. Seidman Information Services will provide the names, addresses and phone numbers of applicable trade associations.

Industry New Venture Information: Informational kits are available for various business ideas on the steps needed to start. The information is limited to those companies identified through the U.S. Small Business Administration new venture services.

Licensing Information: State licensing requirements are provided at no charge. This information can also be accessed at the web site:

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