Welcome to Grand Valley State University's Graduate Student Virtual Orientation.

While many new graduate students will be invited to a program-specific academic orientation, all new graduate students are also welcome to attend a general orientation session prior to the start of fall and winter semesters. The general session is held at the Pew Campus in Grand Rapids.

Since the majority of GVSU's graduate students attend classes on a part-time basis, the general orientation provides important information in a concise yet comprehensive format. By attending you will learn about services, resources, and activities to help you navigate, acclimate, and succeed at GVSU!

For those who are unable to attend this website has been designed to help you get started by providing an introduction to the services and resources that you will need. However, it also serves as a ready reference for future use for those seeking information about GVSU at any time during their academic careers.

Please view the Announcements page for Graduate Orientation details.

Applying for Financial Aid


Employment Options

Graduate Orientation

Housing Options

International Student Information

Loan Deferment

Non-Degree Enrollment


Rental Property / Apartments

Scholarships & Fellowships

Short Term Emergency Loans

Tuition and Payment Options

Child Care Options

Graduate Course Schedule

Graduate Studies

Parking Permits

Student ID

Textbooks and Supplies


Computer & Technology Support

Disability Support Resources

Event Calendar

Food Services - Campus Dining

GVSU Policies

GVSU Regional Centers

Graduate Student Guidebook

Laker Athletics

Library Services

Things to do in West Michigan

Allendale Campus Parking Map

Pew Campus Parking Map



Questions regarding graduate student orientation can be directed to Steven Lipnicki at 616.331.7188.

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