GVSU Graduate Chamber

The purpose of the Graduate Chamber is to hear concerns from graduates across the university, and effectively formulate responses to the issues. The chamber can make recommendations to various committees across campus, pushing the graduate student voice and strategic goals. Graduate Chamber is also a sounding board for university policy and curriculum.

The Graduate Chamber consists of one graduate student from each graduate program at Grand Valley, in addition to the Vice President of GSA, the two Graduate Council Representatives, and any graduate student representative sitting on a university wide committee.

Please contact the Graduate Chamber Chair, Samantha Lynn, at gsa_vp@gvsu.edu if you are interested in serving as a representative for your program.

Chamber Representatives 2014/2015

2014-2015 Graduate Chamber Representatives

Graduate Student Association

     Samantha Lynn - Vice President 

Seidman College of Business

     Coming soon.....

College of Health Professions

     Thaddeus Rogalla - Speech Language Pathology

     Jamie Bott - Doctoral Physical Therapy

College of Liberal arts & Sciences

     Coming soon.....

College of Community & Public Service

     Kaile McCurren - Criminal Justice

     Temitayo Sodipe - Public Administration

     Elizabete Saukas - Public Administration

     Salina Bishop - Public Administration 

     Amber Hendrick - Social Work

College of Education

     Aaron Noordhoek - Student Affairs Leadership

Padnos College of Engineering & Computing

     Nadine Zweifel - Biomedical Sciences

Graduate Council Representatives

     Currently Open - Curriculum Subcommittee

     Samantha Lynn - Policy Subcommittee

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