Graduate Studies

Winter 2011 Graduate Presidential Research Grant Recipients

In December 2010, the Presidential Research Grant Review Committee in the Office of Graduate Studies reviewed 8 grant applications for Winter 2011 research. Of those, 6 were awarded. Award recipients are listed below, along with their graduate research advisors:

BRINKS, Ben (Engineering), Parikh, Charag, Advisor
Title: Local Area Processing for Real-time Imaging Systems
Amount Awarded: $1,000

KAUFMAN, Darcy, (Cell & Molecular Biology), Merritt Taylor, Advisor
Title: Genetic Cofactors that promote nato3 induction of dopamine neuron markers
Amount Awarded: $1,000

KRYNAK, Edward (Biology, Aquatic Sciences), Eric Snyder, Advisor
Title: Mesohabitat Macroinvertebrate Secondary Production in a Low Gradient, Sand-dominated Stream
Amount Awarded: $1,000

TAVALIRE, Hannah (Biology), Ryan Thum, Advisor
Title: Does gene flow among ecologically distinct lineages fuel adaptation in an invasive aquatic plant species?
Amount Awarded: $1,000

VANDERVLIET, Mark (Biomedical Sciences), Martin Burg, Advisor
Title: Insertion and Characterization of Epitope Labeled Histidine Decarboxylase (HDC) in Drosophila Melanogaster
Amount Awarded: $1,000

WHITMER, Jon (English), Ben Lockerd, Advisor
Title: Sacred Spaces in C.S. Lewis' Till We Have Faces
Amount Awarded: $423

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