Graduate Studies

Special Projects Graduate Assistantships 2014-15

GVSU Faculty and Staff,

The Office of Graduate Studies is now accepting requests for Special Projects graduate assistantships for the 2014-15 academic year.

Please submit your proposal on or before December 13, 2013.  Please submit all documents electronically to Irene Fountain at

Please review the Guidelines for Requesting Special Projects Graduate Assistantships, and the Graduate Assistantship Rules 2014-2015, prior to writing your proposal. Please note the following:

1.            Special Projects GAs are awarded on a highly competitive basis. We have a limited number of positions to award, and we receive considerably more requests than we can support.  Be sure to take your time to write a strong proposal and thoroughly review it before submission and read the Criteria and Decision Rationale to understand the award process.

2.            If you received a Special Projects GA for the 2013-14 academic year, you must submit a progress report with your proposal.

We will notify you via email whether or not you are awarded a Special Projects GA on or before January 10, 2014.

Page last modified November 18, 2013