Graduate Studies

Presidential Research Grant Budget Guidelines


  • Please include the purchase price of each item in your budget details. 

  • Comparison shop to ensure you are getting the most for your grant dollars. 

  • Confirm prices where appropriate; ask for quotes in writing. 

  • For travel requests, please consider the least expensive mode of travel, e.g., auto rental vs. mileage for your personal vehicle. 

  • Check with suppliers to ensure there are no restrictions or limitations on your purchase, e.g., vehicle rental for those under age 25. 

  • GVSU policy prohibits purchase or reimbursement of gift cards, checks, or cash when used as incentives for human subject participation.  Items of little value, such as coffee mugs or key chains may be used.

  • To receive reimbursement, all receipts, along with a completed travel and expense voucher (on the GVSU Business & Finance web pages) must be submitted to the Graduate Studies Office within thirty days from the final date of the grant, as stated in the award letter. 

Page last modified June 26, 2012