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Graduate Education Week

State CapitolOn March 24, 2011, the Michigan legislature passed House Resolution No. 51, declaring the week of April 11-15, 2011, as Graduate Education Week in the state of Michigan. In part, the resolution recognizes graduate education in Michigan for attracting “students from across the nation and world” and for graduate educators, who “are providing access to cutting edge knowledge and analytic skills essential to ensuring that Michigan workers are among the most productive, creative, and innovative in the world.” (Read the Resolution here)

The focal point of ‘Grad Ed Week’ is April 14, designated as Graduate Education Day, when graduate students from across Michigan meet at the capital in Lansing to speak to legislators about the value of graduate education. This year, participation was lighter than planned due to the ongoing rallies at the capitol building, which limited access to elected officials.

Graduate Education Week 2012 will be organized and hosted by GVSU for the first time.

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