Graduate Assistantship Appointment Forms


The Graduate Assistantship appointment form (also referred to as "GA contract")  is a fill-in PDF form. Please do not use the old version of the form under any circumstances. If you do so, we may return them to you and ask you to redo the appointments using the new form.

There are separate forms for Spring-Summer, 9-Month (Academic Year), 10-Month (Extended), and 12-Month (Full Year) GA appointments. 

These forms have conditions and auto-complete features built into each of them.  If you use the wrong form, your information might be incorrect, e.g., the start and end dates. Please be sure to use the correct form. 

The form allows the user to save a copy with the filled-in data intact. The auto-complete features do not work on Macs, so please use a Windows-based computer whenever possible.

The Office of Graduate Studies reviews and approves GA contracts electronically in Onbase. We no longer provide signed, stamped PDF versions of the contracts to hiring units.

Therefore, it is very important that hiring units save their filled-in forms electronically as well as keep copies of the forms after they are signed by your unit head and dean/appointing officer.

To reduce paper waste, we recommend that you scan and store your copies electronically and PLEASE SUBMIT COMPLETED, SIGNED FORMS TO FINANCIAL AID.

Please do not send copies to the Office of Graduate Studies.


Spring/Summer 2014    
This form should be used for Spring/Summer 2014 appointments only.  If the position's tuition waiver is funded by the department or an external source, please verify this prior to hiring. Please note, under supervisor G Number, this should be supervisor phone extension. Also, do not type the start/end dates into those fields, they will automatically populate once you complete the next field.


Academic Year 2014-15    
This form should be used for Academic Year and, single semester (Fall or Winter) appointments only. Please select "exception" for start/end dates other than the default dates.


10-Month (Extended) 2014-15    
This form should be used for extended appointments only, that typically begin August 1 and end May 31, or a similar time period that encompasses 10 months. Please select "exception" for dates other than the default dates.


12-Month (Full Year) 2014-15    
This form should be used for appointments beginning on the first day of the fall semester (August 25, 2014) and ending the last day of the spring-summer semester the next year (August 4, 2015), or a similar time periodo that encompasses 12 months. Please select "exception" for dates other than the default dates.